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Unlimited number of sessions and attendees per published webinar.
Your subscription level automatically adjusts to your total published webinars. Learn more.
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All plans include all features

Supports major video platforms

Unlimited registrants

No plug-ins or downloads

No latency

Permissioned access for teams


Clear three-step setup

Upload video or paste URL

Start new or duplicate

Simple, customizable templates

Pre-written notifications

Intelligent defaults

Choice of colors & fonts

White label with your logo

Handsome registration pages

Registration thank you pages

Custom registration fields

Generous scheduling options

Just in time & replay sessions

Adjusts to registrant's timezone

Intuitive, modern interface

Engaging registration pages

Friendly reminders & follow-ups

An extension of your brand

Interactive presentation room

Lots of ways to personalize

Moderated live chat

Private welcome messages

Polls & survey questions

Special offers & downloads

Requests to contact

Attendee reactions

Registration confirmations

Pre-session reminders

Post-session follow-ups

Modern email templates

Flexible delivery timing

Moderator notifications

Registration rate

Attendance rate

Engagement rate

Aggregated behavior

Customer list segmentation

Customer data export

Responsive chat support

Handy help center

Concierge for switching services

Pricing FAQ

An eWebinar is an automated webinar, set on a schedule, which combines pre-recorded video with real-time interactions and live chat to deliver a delightfully engaging experience for all who attend.

All plans include all features, so your free trial includes any and all features we currently offer. Refer to our Features page for the full list.

During your trial, you may publish as many eWebinars as you like without being charged. Just be sure to unpublish the ones you don't plan to continue using before your trial ends. Because when it does, you will be charged based on the number of published eWebinars you have at that time. Refer to our Pricing page for more details.

Provided you do not cancel before your 30-day free trial ends, when it is over, the amount you are charged will be based on how many published eWebinars you have.

Refer to our Pricing page for more details.

Of course! In fact, if you cancel before your 30-day trial ends, you will not be charged at all.

If you cancel at a later time, at the end of your next billing cycle any published eWebinars you still have will become unpublished automatically and you will no longer be charged until you decide to renew.

Remember, only published eWebinars count towards your subscription. So you can create as many eWebinars as you like at any subscription level, provided you leave them as Drafts.

If you are about to publish an eWebinar that will cause the total published eWebinars you have to exceed the number allowed under your current subscription level, we'll warn you, so you can decide if that is what you really want to do.

If you choose to go ahead and publish anyway, you will be charged immediately at the new subscription rate on a prorated basis for the time remaining on your current billing cycle.

At eWebinar, we only want you to pay for what you actually use, so your subscription will automatically adjust at the end of each billing cycle to reflect the number of published eWebinars you have at the time, even if that means lowering your subscription level.

Since we only ask you to pay for what you use, we do not offer refunds.

For this reason, if you are unsure as to whether or not eWebinar will work for you, we recommend you cancel before your free trial ends. Also, make sure you only publish those eWebinars you actually plan to use.

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